Creature Illustrations

Wildlife illustrations & fantasy creatures in both traditional and digital medium.

Skittles Fox

Pyramid Wolf – Jasper Artist’s Guild

Aurora Bearealis – Acrylic on Board- SOLD –
prints available

Icy Eyed Hunter, Lynx – Jasper Artists Guild

Willow Rabbit

Red Fox and Floral – Jasper Artist’s Guild

Lunar Lupins – Jasper Artists Guild



Winter Fawn -Mixed Media -
prints available

Winter Fawn – Arts on Ice Event – Jasper Artists Guild –

Snow Leopard – Digital

  • prints available

3 Owls – Oil on Board – SOLD

  • prints available

Green Iguana – Jasper Artist’s Guild

Pheonix, SOLD – Jasper Artists Guild

Wolf Moon

Rainbow Elk – prints available – Jasper Artist’s Guild

Arctic Fox, SOLD, prints available – Jasper Artists Guild

Chilly Night

Winter Horses- prints available

The BuzZ – Jasper Artist’s Guild